On this page you can find examples of my work in the fields of Audio Mixing, Sound Design, Edting and Music Composition 

Penny Lane - Acapella Cover
Adiós -  Aria Y Memoria

Pop Lyric Balad. Composed, Mixed and Mastered by Alejandro Valdes for pop lyric band Aria & Memoria.

Lo Que Llevo En Mi Interior


A fusion between Colombian Folk Rhythms, soul and Jazz available now on the main digital platforms . Check it Out!

La Espera -  Spiralssiete

Mixed and Mastered Spiralssiete's new single "La Espera". Check it Out!

Muevelo -  Adrian Garcia

Mixed and Mastered Adrian's new single "Shake It For Me" !

Sunrise - Izabelle

January 31, 2016

Mastered Izabelle's new EP. Here is her first single!

Munro Sonic EGG 150

January 04, 2016

Munrosonic EGG 150 Official Review

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